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Linux Essentials

The LPI Introductory Programme

Тип издания:   Учебное пособие

Авторы:   Linup Front GmbH Darmstadt ⋅ Germany

Категории:   ИГиИК



All representations and information contained in this document have been compiled to the best of our knowledge and carefully tested. However, mistakes cannot be ruled out completely. The authors and Linup Front GmbH assume no responsibility or liability resulting in any way from the use of this material or parts of it or from any violation of the rights of third parties. Reproduction of trade marks, service marks and similar monikers in this document, even if not specially marked, does not imply the stipulation that these may be freely usable according to trade mark protection laws. All trade marks are used without a warranty of free usability and may be registered trade marks of third parties.

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Год издания:    2012 ISBN:    158756
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